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May 29, 2016

Dear Narcissist Problems: "Enlightened"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

I work with the local domestic violence advocacy group to help my children and I deal with their father and my ex. Our counsellors have expressed that in the addition to his abuse he displays behavior characterized by narcissistic personally disorder. Of course, they cannot make an official diagnosis without him as their client, but from books I have read to help cope there may as well be a picture of him. I stumbled across this sight yesterday and I can't believe how your posts and statements hit the nail on the head. It's a struggle to deal with this and seeing your posts brings some relief knowing I'm not losing my mind and there are people out there like this. I just wish law enforcement and child protection groups could be more educated in recognizing this type of behavior. The narcissistic is adept at putting on the act and getting away with crime. Thank you.



Dear “Enlightened”,

            I would like to say Kudos to your local Domestic Violence Advocacy group because they even considered that you could be being abused by a narcissist!  Give those women and men a medal!  As you have probably realized by now you are one of the very few people who found their way without doing that infamous google search looking for answers.  This is exactly why I do what I do here because not many people do know or have heard of Narcissistic Abuse.  This traps victims in situations of abuse for YEARS because they start to believe the problem really is them after years of the narcissist eroding their self-esteem and perception of reality.  Sana Loue, J.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., wrote an article on the legal implications of emotional and psychological abuse which stated; “Emotional abuse, a label often used synonymously with the terms emotional maltreatment, psychological battering, psychological abuse, and soul murder, has been called “the most elusive and damaging of all types of maltreatment for a child” and represents “the core issue and most destructive factor across all types of child abuse and neglect” (Loue 2005).  Here we have one of the most destructive forms of abuse and there is little recognition of it in the healthcare field or legal systems.  The article further illustrates that “The very elusiveness, however, of the identification of emotional and psychological abuse casts doubt on the accuracy of available data relating to its occurrence, and it is likely that the incidence and prevalence of such abuse are subject to significant underreporting”(Loue 2005).  So not only is this type of abuse very difficult to identify victims are also not reporting it.  The ones who have reported it are left feeling disbelieved, discouraged, and shattered.  This is how and why many of us in this community have reached out into the public to share our stories and offer support to others living through hell.

 I know you didn’t really ask a question but you said something that I would really like to highlight “seeing your posts brings some relief knowing I'm not losing my mind and there are people out there like this. I just wish law enforcement and child protection groups could be more educated in recognizing this type of behavior.” (Enlightened 2016).  Dealing with a narcissist we know they will destroy our lives and the way in which they do it leaves us looking insane, unstable, irrational, and the list goes on.  While we try to maintain any resemblance of being the normal rational human beings we are once a narcissist gets their hands on someone who has control over your life such as a lawyer, police officer, or judge it usually means game over for us.  Some of us have watched our therapists be manipulated against us through couples counseling and then that same therapist will be utilized for court.  Some narcissists will call child protective services on us and then play the role of caring adult in our children’s lives to manipulate the state against us resulting in the loss of our children. It was seen that “definitional issues further compound the difficulties associated with the identification, documentation, prosecution, and prevention of emotional and psychological abuse” (Loue 2005).  It’s no wonder that nothing is being done in the legal field to prosecute abusers and protect victims as we can’t expect laws to be written when there is no clear definition on what it means to have your soul murdered.

 What is my point here?  It is essential that when you find out what narcissistic abuse is and that you have been abused you need to spread awareness of this type of abuse.  More than that, as many of us do, go out of our ways to support each other when we see a victim getting abused further by people in positions of power or authority because they don’t fully understand or recognize what emotional or psychological abuse looks like.  You will see many survivors going to court to show support, campaigning for funds for court cases, starting petitions, or simply blogging to get the word out.  It’s imperative that we take on this responsibility, when ready, so that narcissists do not get away with their crimes.  You do not need a special degree or a certification to become an advocate for victims of Narcissistic Abuse.  All that you need is your voice, your story, and your passion.  The more who get involved with this effort the sooner we will see legislation and policies being passed that not only recognize this type of abuse but also the prosecution of the abusers.  The way to do this is to just get out there and get involved by finding and joining others with a similar cause which is typically experience specific.  Good luck to you on your healing journey!


Narcissist Problems


Loue, S. (2005). Redefining the emotional and psychological abuse and maltreatment of children: legal implications. Journal Of Legal Medicine, 26(3), 311-337 27p.

May 7, 2016

Dear Narcissist Problems, "Parental Concerns"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

Hey I'm really struggling with my narc at the moment.  He walked away from our child for 2 years for a woman and when it suited him ( because they had broken up ) he wanted my son in his life again I struggled for months with this I know what he's capable of he has emotionally traumatized my wee boy. The only reason I let him is because I used to have a serious drinking problem but am 3 years sober now and I could see how I was guilty of a lot myself like: played games, I provoked him purposely, I would always go back to him not that that excused his behavior.  He was cold, nasty, and unhuman towards me and my children but I can see my part.  Since getting sober I have learned to be healthy and have boundaries and good people around me and I have my faith so I thought since I had changed maybe he could too.  This went against everything I knew about narcs but 2 years and my son was still crying every night for dad so I let him back but with very strict boundaries and the last several months he has been good. He still tries to play games and snarky comments and mind games and the flirting despite him having a new gf but I shut it down n don't play into it.  This weekend after having 2 sick kids all week he had my son stay and started playing games with refusing to go get him medicine or letting me bring any over...eventually he did but he wound me up for a hour thinking my son was going to go without while he was sick and he loved that he got a reaction. I had sensed it was driving him nuts not being able to get a reaction for so long when I used to be so predictable so I think he knew how exhausted I was and jumped on his chance. Nobody I talk to understands why this has upset me so much but it's because I can see he's still exactly the same cold narcissist he's always been. Using my child's wellbeing to get a reaction from me it brought up all the stuff he's done to us in past. I try to not judge him on the past but it's hard. Everyone I've spoken to keeps saying no matter what he's still his father he has a right to have overnight access but after that I don't want to send him I wouldn't stop it completely that would mess with my boy but I don't want him there overnight by himself.  It reminded me I don't trust him with our child despite a few months of ok behavior I know who he is.  I desperately need advice on what I should do? There's no custody agreement as he walked away for so long so balls in my court. I want my son to have a dad but I'm scared of the damage it's doing by me giving him chance after chance. I get what others are saying that he needs to learn to be a dad and be patient but do narcs actually love their kids? Am I doing serious damage letting this man in his life?


“Parental Concerns”

Dear “Concerned”,

            I’m really glad you threw in that last part about there not being a custody agreement because that was my first question.  Nobody wants to be a parental alienator.  Further, you have no control over his decision to abandon your child’s life.  You have no control over this man’s manipulative behavior either.  I would immediately stop any unsupervised visits until there is a court order in place.  I would also urge against overnight visits at all.  This man has been absent from your child’s life for years.  While yes he needs to “learn how to parent” it is not your job to teach him or your child’s duty to be a guinea pig.  Your past mistakes are mute at this point.  You have taken the steps to make your life right and are working on yourself to become a better person and to have a positive role in your life.  Stop the visits and site the withholding of medication as a sole reason.  If you did something like this the government would have your ass in court for medical neglect in a heartbeat, especially if something bad happened to the child as a result of the medicine being withheld.  Here is the thing, we are not psychic…or doctors.  We are mothers who are put into place to look after the best interest of our children.  You could not know if the withholding of medicine would seriously harm your child.  At this point, every encounter this man has with your child is evidence for a judge that he has a relationship with said child.  It’s not that you are trying to prevent this man from being a father.  What you need to do is get a court order in place that will allow this transition to take place safely.  Your goal is to have your child build a healthy and stable relationship with his father.  However, manipulating you so early on is a huge red flag that you need to ignore all of the advice you are receiving and head straight into a court.  Good Luck to you and stand firm!  No more unsupervised visits until this man proves he is capable of having them.  It’s one thing to ask for supervised visits for a father who has always been there for his child.  It’s quite another to give unsupervised visits to a known abuser who abandon the child for years.  Stand strong and call the police if you need to.  I would have called the police the minute he started playing games with the child’s health.


Narcissist Problems

October 4, 2015

Dear Narcissist Problems, "Stuck"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

     I need advice/help. I'm in a very unhealthy relationship, but I feel stuck. I don't know how to get out. He is manipulative, controlling, and abusive (more verbal and sexual with occasional physical). I've tried multiple times in the last year to make him leave and it never works. I got a better job in August and was hiding money so that I could leave and he started doing little things (unplugging my alarm clock, calling me at work saying my daughter was in the hospital so I'd leave early [she wasn't] and once even leaving in MY car and taking the keys to his truck and not coming back until an hour after I was supposed to be at work) all of which have resulted in my losing my job. When I was working, he would take money out of my purse, he's told me that he paid certain bills and actually just blew the money, one of which was a traffic ticket, resulting in my license being suspended. He has cheated on me more times than I can count, but I'm the one with the problem because I'm "jealous" and "insecure" and I make him cheat because I'm so awful. I have 2 children and I can't keep putting us thru this. I don't have anyone who can help me or that we can stay with. I have a car payment and insurance now a suspended license and no income w/o him. I've been distributing my resume and filling out job applications since I lost my job 2wks ago with no luck. I'm at my wits end and I don't know what to do



Dear “Stuck”,

     When I read through this I literally felt the burn of pure anger I felt with my own narcissist.  The first step in getting out is usually the hardest and that is to accept that there is a problem.  You are 60% of the way there.  The first thing I would do is print this letter up as a starting point and heading down to the local courthouse and seeking the help of a victims advocate.  I am really sorry to hear that you lost your job and I am not going to lie to you:  This next year will probably be the hardest year of your life but I know you can get through it!  The hardest part of these relationships whether it is a family member, friend, or significant other is wriggling out of their tentacles.  You need a support system.  Think really really really hard and try to see if there is anyone in your life who is willing to help. If not seek help just as you have done here.  You are not alone! All of these problems seem really overwhelming but the important thing is to work through them.  When you go to the court house talk to them and see if they can’t point you in the right direction regarding the abuse AND your license situation.  The longer you put either situation off the worse it will be later.  Try to be as proactive as possible even if you have no money.  I know that here in Chicago we are having an amnesty week for parking ticket violations.  I don’t exactly know what that means but I’m assuming either having the ticket dissolved completely or setting up a very small payment schedule.  If you lose the car; I know that will only make the situation worse but remember this isn’t the end.  You are being abused mentally, sexually, physically and financially.  This person is sabotaging your job, your income, and your ability to take care of yourself and your children.  I would not, under any circumstances, leave the children with him as a babysitter.  The children have already been through enough.  While you have a car let your determination to survive and later thrive be your guide.  Seek out community support.  Go down to the office for family and child services and see if they can assist you in finding daycare options.  I wouldn’t go into too many details but keep it strictly regarding money.  I would also see if they can possibly help you find some certification classes so that you can get a higher paying job later.  You are in a jam and the longer you stay with this person the more he is going to tear you down.  The most important thing to do is take the first steps toward your safety and independence.  Good Luck to you!  You can do this!  Further, document the crazy.  Get the police involved.  Get a restraining order against this person before you end up losing your children because of him.  The most important thing to do is to stay safe and get out as quickly as possible!  None of this is going to be easy.  You are going to need to be filled with so much fear and determination that it forces you to break the barriers of “out there” being scarier than where you already are.  Know this, you are capable enough and strong enough to do this you just need to start!  It will help to seek emotional support in a support group and you can find them on Facebook.  Also see if there are any free services for counseling in your area.  Get out there and get talking.  When we talk with others who have been there not only can they help guide us out of the nightmare but it helps to get out the pain and frustration.  You got this!  Finally, I would avoid any conflict or threatening your partner that you will leave if he doesn’t change his behavior.  Make the plans to leave as silently as possible otherwise he will sabotage those plans and he may actually hurt you or the children.


Narcissist Problems

July 7, 2015

Dear Narcissist Problems "Monster-In-Law"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

      I am in a situation that is not good, to say the least. I will give as little background as possible. I've been married to my husband for 20 years. I used to really like and respect his parents.  Over time, I saw little glimpses of passive aggression on his mother’s part. I normally noticed the passive aggressive behavior when we would visit his parents over a weekend. My husband always got along great with his family. From time to time he would comment about his mother’s favoritism toward certain others. When our first child was 2-3 years old I began to see a competition that she was attempting to build between me and my child and also between her first grandchild and her son. They are 6 months apart in age. When I noticed the favoritism and resulting rivalry I grew frustrated. I asked her to stop, Naive me.  I mentioned the favoritism was bound to be hurtful as the kids grew older and more aware. She then came down harder! I then told her we would stop coming to her home if she didn't stop. I then let her know that she would be more than welcome to come to our home to visit but we wouldn't tolerate any mind games. The rules in our home are kindness and encouragement. Since then I have been enemy number one with this woman. Well, it was ok as time went by due to low contact. I am usually chasing our kids around as we had two more children. We visited them. We helped them out. Never seen or heard about their other kids or grandkids doing anything to help.

By the way, 16 months ago, my husband was injured. We had relocated about 8 months prior because of my husband’s new job. I stayed at home for ten years and also homeschooled. So, my husband tells me we are going back north, we will stay with them no more than 2 months!! The crap started on day 3. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Over 6 months, I was harassed. I was bullied. Mostly passive aggressively and a lot of it was done loudly over the phone while she was speaking to two of her daughters. They'd visit and talk about us!! My father in law and husband stood up to her which made things worse. I was the target of a smear campaign. The kids were used and abused. Hurt!! Shattered their beliefs. She doted on our 2 year old though. Her 3 daughters pulled a surprise “intervention” where I was attacked verbally. I got blamed for everything because I had finally defended myself and my children. They promised to "communicate" more and we still have not spoken- 10 months later. Our lives (No one’s business!!!) were discussed like it's their business. In the end. No one apologized to me. To us. Nothing was validated. I just had to suck it up, cuz this is just the way it is!

Well, it got a little “better" –manageable, for 8 months. She'd act differently, around others. Some passive aggressive behaviors off and on.  Suddenly, a week before mother’s day and 2 weeks before my birthday, she just yelled “I’m not doing this phony shit anymore." I decided I was not going near her again. I am officially done! One day my father in law had an appointment an hour away. He is 83 years old and needs company and some assistance. Our older girls needed one of us home for the bus. So, since I refuse to be alone in the house with her (as she's a dangerous, lying, manipulative sort. I put nothing past her!) I was going to go to the appointment with my 3 year old. Well, when my 3 year old told her (after being questioned about details) daddy wasn't going... She lost it!! Stomped over to her husband and started ranting. Calling me a bitch! I went up, got my child. Told her she was “such a loving grandma”. We didn't go. Any of us. She started the rant to upset pops. He was so mad at her. Riled up. She manipulated my children's dental appointment, so they couldn't go. She ruined our Mother's Day plans. (Too much detail to go into) I just stay away.

She realized she couldn't get to me. So, now she's using my children. Attacking my 10 year old by accusing my daughter of giving her “dirty looks" when we were outside earlier that day. Truth was... Narc had stood in the window. I saw her. I ignored her. My oldest looked up, and said, “Mom, she's looking at us so meanly. It's creepy" I told her, “don’t look". We kept blowing bubbles and then I took the girls for a walk. So, my 10 year old told her she was not giving her dirty looks. Narc started yelling, “Well your mothers a god damn liar! Go look at her Facebook!" My daughter asked her why she'd be snooping around my Facebook anyway. That irked her even more. She started yelling. I told my husband something was wrong. He went up, and I heard my girl yell “stop!", and then I heard her crying! Grandma said she was going to call the police and (lie, obviously) say I “put my hands on her". Whatever that means... I don't know. It's disturbing and more so because she threatened it to my daughter then to my husband.

Next day, we crossed paths. She put my 3 year old on the phone with her mini me narc/sociopath daughter, when I was calling her to come. This is the daughter that fuels the fire. She also stalks me on fb through false identities. She saw my cover photo was about narcissism and had been reporting to mom, they began to “assume" these quotes were about them. Go figure! So, I went over and got my girl. Took the phone away from my daughter and went to hand it to the narc. She said there and pointed at “her chair"(her thrown, situated to see everything in the house) and I can't even explain the evil I saw on her face. I just dropped the phone in the chair next to her. She exploded!! Calling me a bitch. A dumb Pollock. A fat ass! Said she'd “fix me! Write an fb post all about me and my mother. (Whom she doesn't know or anything about, it's just that the two narcs thought I was “writing about them" by posting narc quotes! Sooooo crazy and twisted. In their minds, I'm exposing them though. I've never written a word. Not a name, nothing! She did all this while I was holding the baby and the other two heard it!! My husband and father in law jumped in, defending me.

 Next day, my husband allowed my 3 year old near her. He thought his dad was up. I came out of our bathroom and hear her loud, obnoxious, cackling, and conspiring voice (I was intended to hear). I knew pops was not present. I looked around and my husband came in the door. I asked where our girl was (other 2 at last day of school) he went up. Found her alone in the narcs bathroom. Door closed. Water running. The narc has refused to child proof or safety anything. Ever! Poison under cabinets, open. You cannot trust a child!! She didn't care where she was. She was too busy trying to stick it to me on the phone with her minion. They came down, and played “memory" with her. While playing, she says “gramma said something about you". My alarm went off in my head. I smiled still and asked what it was. She said, I was at the table eating nuts and Gramma said “I don't want you to be like your mother. I don't like her.” “Get the F out, you bastard. Poopy head"! I said, oh. That wasn't very nice. I let it go. I called my husband in then I asked my child if she could please tell her dad what she just told me. She did. Just about word for word. She thought maybe it could've been the “bitch" word. After all, she's heard that a few times from her. Well, I don't want her near her!!  My situation it's close to impossible. We have a couple months stuck here. So, she started inviting the other two children up for ice cream. After 16 months of maybe doing that 3 other times. On purpose she will keep them talking when we call for them. She says passive aggressive things, regarding me. She tells my youngest “secrets" and we've asked her not to. Anything we ask (only been a couple things) her to not do... She does more.

I am leaving out so much. Yet, it's a novella. Sorry.
I just want a basic opinion of what I should do till I can get out of here.
Today, I kept the children busy, outside mostly.
The older ones don't even want to be near her. But hey, they like treats. Her new ploy to get them to think she's ok and therefore I'm “bad". They told me they don't want them anymore. Her treats. It kills me.

I'm trying to not be angry and just allow my baby to see the differences herself.
She said (as we've discussed) if gramma says anything about mommy she'll tell her to STOP. Don't talk about my mommy. And leave. It is heartbreaking. For us. For our children.

When we got here, Easter was shortly after. My youngest was 2, this was huge to her. Since Easter 2014, Narc Grandma has left candy and small gifts for her EVERYDAY from “the Easter bunny" Not the two older children which we had to make excuses for and expect them to “get it". In retrospect, I see it was to get my daughter excited to go up there every morning. She left it near her! I didn't like this from the beginning. I think it is spoiling. It excluded the others. It kind of takes the specialness away. And most of all ... The candy!!! She started leaving more and more. And it's daily! For a little girls soft teeth. In addition to all the ice cream she gives her. Cookies. Etc. Without asking!! My husband asked her to stop. She refused. Kept it coming. She is sneaky about it. Leaving small things the next day. Next day, more. Etc. If he called her on it, it's twisted into an argument! Our youngest had two cavities forming last fall!! The other two never had that. I can't blame this entirely on the candy and treats, but it sure didn't help. I had my husband explain to her that our child had to lay under a weighted blanket, for safety, and have strangers drill her teeth. Etc. It slowed a few days. After the traumatic visit, she did the same. Potato chips, coloring book, and pretzels. It always goes back to candy! I made the mistake of talking to her about “perhaps it should stop” as we can't do this forever. She lost it. It drove her to do more! Now, 6 months later, my girl has FOUR more small cavities!!!! We go again next week!! My husband put his foot down, nicely even!! She lasted 2 days then refused! Laughed at him but he stayed patient.  He went out and bought 3 bags of sugar free candy then gave it to his mother and said this was the best for her. (Never mind just stopping) Next day, she got out flavored tootsie rolls!!! My husband was upset and then she huffed and puffed. Poor her!!! Left out other things a few days. Small items. Chips or horrible orange crackers! Ugh Now she's sneaking candy in too!!! Everything is a damn game! My child “she adores", is a game? Her teeth!! I'm brushing 4 times a day!!

My oldest made honor roll her first trimester this school year, her first year in public school, and she did it while adjusting to middle school!!
She was met with attitude by gramma.
She got a lot of attention and praise from gramp. Which drives gram nuts!!! So jealous!
Next trimester, she got high honors! Same thing. We laugh about it together now.
But it is really sad.
Last trimester, same, high honors. Lowest grade 1 A- in technology.
The woman didn't acknowledge it, just a joker’s smile.
Quickly, she brings up her great grandson (6 months younger) and discounts my daughters accomplishments by announcing he will be taking 8th grade math in 6th grade.
She makes similar comparisons often. She never even sees this grandson. She just makes stuff up or uses info to compare.

When our daughters began school here, she praised it! Made “concerned" comments about being Homeschooled and maybe they wouldn't keep up!?
So, when they excelled she then said our neighbors (she talks to one once a year and the others two or three)

 “They don’t send their kids to the school”.

They “have no need for it.”

 One neighbor sends her twins to catholic school in Brattleboro. She works near there. The other sends her son to a catholic school near the college she works for. The truth, both have jobs and need after school care. Both schools provide it and both families don't care for “common core". That's it. The reasons. Can't tell her though. It's just funny how everything we do is subpar. She is sneaky and everyone is used for a purpose. Once, we were visiting. As we left, my husband told her we'd call when we arrived home. We lived up the mountain and an hour away (blissfully). He informed her we'd stop to pick up pizza and lottery tickets. So it'd be an hour. Don't worry.

So, he says “I’d love to win. I'd give some to everyone in the family.”

 (Meaning them, his sisters. Nieces)

The narc replies. “We talk about that too. We'd split most up between you 4 kids, and 2 nieces.

 Mind you. She just left out our 3 children and his oldest daughter but mentioned the other two grandchildren!!

My husband was like “huh?" “What about all your grandchildren?”

She says, “Oh they're too young. You could share yours with them!"

Husband, “It's not the point. It's not the money. It's the shitty comment that shows what we always knew.

 He says “what about my oldest"?

Grandma “oh well. Ok. Her too"!

Further, we are also the scapegoat family. We are good people and I’m tired of being doormats. We are the only ones who have ever helped them!  When we used her kitchen when we were living there she was so aggressive. Flying into the kitchen, no need. Bullying me. I'd be washing dishes (theirs also) and ours I'd go to dry. Hers, I'd stack for the dishwasher!! So, she'd come in and grab the faucet and turn to the other sink to use it, while I was in the middle of rinsing!!!

She'd make loud comments like “excuse me!!"

Not in a nice way. I was next to the oven one day. My hip in front of the oven. Which, I didn't realize. Till she came in and busied herself around me angrily. A bullying presence. She opened the oven door and it slammed into my hip. She did not even need anything! - By this time, my husband and father in law were aware of her games and tactics. They were watching.

She said. “So sorry!!” (When she hit me) “…move your littttllleeee ass out of my way” (snickering, like it's large, it is not btw).

 I moved then she walked away so I resumed. She then came back and elbowed me.

She says “you and your fat ass are always in the way.”

 So, I finally commented “at least mine doesn't sag to the ground".

It became unbearable. Just nonstop games. Intimidating. It was awful. So, I just realized she's a narcissist this past May around Mother's Day. When she pulled the bullshit, again!  Poor her, she wasn't going to be a “phony" anymore. So close to Mother's Day and my birthday. I thought, “narcissistic". So, I looked it up. Took a “test". 19 out of 20 was her!! I started looking for groups. Talking to others. The similarities, startling.
What do you think??


“Monster in Law”

******************************TRIGGER WARNING******************************

I know I’m going to hear from a few thousand women who happen to be grandmothers and possibly dealing with a narcissistic daughter in law, this advice had nothing to do with your specific situation...  If you are the grandmother I have just described consider not reading any further.  The advice I am about to give is geared toward a woman who is dealing with a mother in law from hell and no two situations are alike so please do not message me later to let me know that this poor daughter in law should be grateful the in-laws took them in.  I’m willing to bet they paid more than their fair share of bills while rooming with grandma.  Before following through with the urge to tell me I am wrong.  Remind yourself that you were warned not to read below this line.  In my line of work I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of narcissistic grandmothers so just save the insults and bashing because they will not be welcome here.  Offer advice yes but don’t come here looking for a fight to pick because you will quickly be *deleted*   Thank you!

***********************YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN WARNED***********************

Dear “Monster in Law”,

What do I think???? I think you have been living with my mother!  The first thing I would like to say is that with a normal family if you need help, they help you.  Normal people do not offer “help” as a means to abuse you more.  I know there is a grandma out there shaking her head because you and your family needed “help” in the first place.  If you are that grandma, keep in mind generations of families used to live together without being emotionally, psychologically, verbally, or bordering on physical assault.  Sweet baby Jesus, I think your post was a trigger for me as I find myself defending myself before I have even uttered a word of advice!  Now we all know, Narcissist Problems has a narcissist as a mother!  So let me share my years of experience! (33 years to be exact).  I know I told you I was working on this last week but I had to prepare myself mentally for this challenge (Trigger).  So the moral of the story is that in your gut you always new Narc In-law was a little off but you couldn’t put your finger on it until you were in your weakest moment.  The others don’t visit grandma because she does the same things to them.  The two on the phone all the time who held the “intervention” stick around because I’m guessing they are the golden children but they would probably tear each other’s eye balls out if given the chance.  You were at your most vulnerable and the poo hit the fan. 

            My first advice, since you have already moved away, is to create a new Facebook account and don’t add any of them.  In fact, block them….ALL OF THEM.  I would create a profile and use a nickname instead of your real name.  I also would not share any pictures of yourself or your kids.  With that said lets dive on in to the real advice.

            What do I think? I think that all narcissists have definitely read the same instruction Manuel.  My narcs favorite holiday was Easter too, imagine that!  I have young children and her favorite thing to do was to load them up with candy!  I went through the same experience where my mother would give my oldest son (her favorite) Candy, cakes, soda, and anything else his little 3 year old body desired.  When I objected to this for obvious reasons it was met as a challenge.  They try to play it off by saying things like “but they like it…” “But they are just kids” as if we are being monsters and their behavior of sneaking sweets is cute and charming and how dare us for objecting.  It wouldn’t be a problem is the treats were given in moderation.  The problem is that they are not.  As most normal people know, especially parents, sugar can be a very harmful substance for bodies young and old.  My son too had numerous cavities.  The sick part is when you tell them the pain your child had to experience and the trauma of being tied down to have their baby teeth drilled on, they don’t even care!!!  They don’t care about the child’s pain.  That is why you, as the child’s mother, needs to protect the child from grandma.  If Grandma is repeatedly asked to stop a behavior that is harming your child its time to put your foot down.

            Let me say you handled the situation very well by saying “If you continue this bad behavior then this will be the consequence”.  The consequence being less visits and low contact.  The problem occurred when you made this ultimatum and then you needed their help.  When this happened you opened the gates of hell.  You can’t simply play with the low/no contact button.  We like to think of a narcissist as a child because they behave as one a lot but this is false logic on our parts.  When a child is in trouble and threatened with a consequence of bad behavior or is actually punished, they feel bad.  Children try to make things better.  Narcissists do the opposite.  When a narcissist is threatened with a consequence of a bad behavior “GAME ON!!”  The last one standing is the winner.  If they actually suffer the consequence all hell breaks lose and they become a helpless victim of your irrationality.  What happens when we threaten a consequence of bad behavior, punish the bad behavior with the consequence, and then ultimately with draw the enforced consequence?  Hell hath no fury.  The words you so eloquently put “I became enemy number one”.  You got that right sister and there is no changing it now!  One cannot simply play with the consequence button.  You have two options now; extremely low contact or no contact.  If you try the low contact you must enforce the consequence of the bad behavior right away.  If that doesn’t help the situation make the contact lower and lower until there is none left at all.  One there is no contact you can’t ever go back.  It’s no contact FOREVER.  You will then be faced with a multitude of flying monkeys.  You know the daughters that are told of all your short comings and your “fat ass”.  Then if they know anyone you know, like friends or neighbors, expect them too.  They might not be aware that they are being used as spies and messengers but they are.  You may end up cutting all those people out of your life as well.  The goal here is to surround yourself with people who are supportive, caring, and don’t play games.  You want real relationships of value.  You can’t have these things with a narcissist or their flying monkeys.

            Now when grandma threatened to file the false assault report on you I would have taken her seriously because these old bats know they can get away with it!  That right there is a threat to your freedom because it can land you behind bars innocent or not.  My narcissist, when threatened and punished with the consequences of bad behavior, began to take pictures of my child (her favorite) every time he got hurt.  After we began low contract if my child was hurt on our next visit she would take my child aside and sneak in a quick photo of the injury.  When we were almost no contact my narcissist tried to use these photos to build a grandparent rights case against me.  Grandma began filing false reports to child protective services for abuse as well.  When they make threats that they are going to file a false police report because they are not getting their way, believe them!  Protect yourself and protect your children from the harm that can result from a false report.  You will find yourself under investigation with the narcissist’s word and their stack of pictures in no time.  God help you then.   Trust me, I’ve been there and it isn’t pretty.  You may be innocent but you will be hiring lawyers, getting psychiatric evaluations, and lord knows what else because of the story they concocted.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Enforce your boundaries.  Do not feel bad about it.  I do not need to rehash through your whole post of the reasons why your monster in law is a narcissist, the post speaks volumes.  My advice is to make sure you are familiar with your state laws on grandparent’s rights.  Don’t leave your children alone with her EVER.  Get a free consultation with a family lawyer about the situation.  If she makes threats take them seriously.  Lastly, DOCUMENT THE CRAZY.  Keep a journal of every encounter, times, dates, and witnesses because you never know what kind of crazy she will pull. I know a lot of people say “I’m not going to tell you to go no contact or low contact because this is a decision you need to make”.  The woman you are dealing with does not understand what a boundary is.  Not only does she not understand, if she does, she doesn’t care.  People like this do not change.  There is nothing you can do to magically make them respect you, your children, or your property.  Get into therapy, go no contact, and if you need to leave the city/state if she continues to cross the line.  Moreover, call the police if she shows up uninvited and get a restraining order if need be.  Whatever you do, don’t let this continue.  If you have to work five jobs do what you need just to make sure you NEVER need her help again for the rest of your life!  Good Luck to you!


Narcissist Problems

June 17, 2015

Dear Narcissist Problems; "Bacon Sandwich"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

I need help please.  I think I'm being completely emotionally manipulated. I feel like I've fallen into a dark hole I can't get out of.   I met a guy at work just over a year ago. At first everything was amazing and he was great. Then for various reasons we decided to move in together. Since we have been living together he has been having regular mood swings. I now feel like I never know where I am with him. One day he can be as loving as can be and the next day he will lash out. I got thrown out of the house on packing day for not making him a bacon sandwich which he asked for Xmas morning because I was in a rush to go and see my kids from my previous relationship (they live with their father, thank goodness. Sometimes he will fly off the handle at me and I'm not even sure why. He has threatened me, sworn at me, spat in my face twice, grabbed me and forcibly taken a picture of my stomach calling me fat, stupid, weak and pathetic.  He does this especially if we are exercising together and I don't do as he says. He has come at me with his fists then punched the wall, also a mallet and a knife (I hid in the bathroom). The police have been involved but when they are here he plays the victim. I ran off once and hid for a week but every time I leave he begs and pleads with me to return and starts acting how he used to all loving and everything. He is involved with a mental health team as he has been signed off work with depression for 12 weeks now. He works in the health industry and is very knowledgeable of psychology etc. When he has counselling and even when the crisis team comes out he acts in such a way that they pander to him. I have left numerous times but each time I find myself returning and apologizing although most of the time I'm not even sure what for. I've started smoking, I don't see any of my friends and I don't go anywhere. I lost my job in March due to being ill with stress. This has been ongoing since Christmas. Sometimes I return and accept things and have no idea why. It is like he knows all the buttons to push on me so I behave how he wants. I feel like I'm going crazy. I have started to question myself and my own sanity and behavior, finding me blaming myself for things. I keep excusing his behavior saying it must be depression. He had threatened to kill himself before when I have left, and cut himself once thereby making me feel bad. I feel totally trapped.


“Bacon Sandwich Breakfast”


Dear “Bacon Sandwich Breakfast”,

   This guy is more than a manipulator, he is a hurricane!  The only response I have to this is Get out Now!!!  They say that when we bond with people we do so whether the bonding is positive or negative.  I don’t know what happened in your life prior to this relationship but what you are describing here is a typical abusive relationship.  You are experiencing emotional abuse when you are degraded and humiliated.  You are experiencing physical abuse when he comes at you with fists and weapons.  What I really want to know is what are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for this guy to murder you?  Because eventually he will.  With trauma bonding, to my understanding, it becomes impossible to leave the relationship not because we are weak but because we think we love this terror we spend our days with.  This person is terrorizing you and it’s to the point that you feel normal in this role.  I am not saying you enjoy being a victim I am saying that you have come to feel normal with the abuse.  A big red flag of abuse is being isolated from your friends and family.  I will not go into any more detail listing the reasons why you are being abused.  I will just say, you are being abused and you need to get as far away from this guy as possible.  You need to find the strength to ignore the threats he is making to harm himself because guess what?  Those threats will soon turn into action and trust me when I say, if those threats are carried out you will most likely be physically harmed in the process.  You need to document these threats and call the authorities on him.  Document all the crazy.  Please contact your local court house and get in touch with a domestic violence advocate.  Yes, thank god your child is not there to witness this but your child also does not need to witness the shell of a person his mother is becoming.  Read up on the red flags of abuse.  Have conversations with others who have gone through abuse, get counseling, and join some support groups.  There is no question about the manipulation.  Yes you are being manipulated and you were groomed to accept this abuse.  Take a lot of time to work on you before getting into a new relationship after this.  Find out what made you attracted to this person in the first place and what made you stay.  This relationship will eventually kill you.  You do not have time to consider what I have said here.  Let the hair on the back of your neck raise up, your heart start pumping, and your instinct to take flight come over you.  Do not ignore your gut and do not ignore this warning.  If you do not leave this person as soon as you read this response tomorrow might be too late.  GET. OUT. NOW. You need to disappear because his rage when he finds out you are gone will not simmer down so document the crazy and do not hesitate to contact the police!  We are talking about your life.  You do not have any more time to sit around and wonder what you should be doing because if you do it could be the death of you.


Narcissist Problems

June 11, 2015

Dear Narcissist Problems, "Help"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

Hello, I didn't feel safe posting this on the wall. After 1 year and a half, 4 day trial in court I have finally divorced the most perfect narcissist who follows every single bullet from all narcissist posts. He fits like a glove. He’s done it all. I have been harassed, abused, stalked, threatened, intimidated, and my story is one of many, very sad... now I’m divorced, happy to say everything went fine in court but... he has not stopped. He keeps threatening in his emails, intimidating me, creating problems where there’s none.... my heart skips a bit when I see his mail in my inbox. I can barely breathe and I start shaking as I open one. (We have joint physical custody of 2 precious little girls. Therefore email contact stays open, and he sure abuses it to get to me. I have taken the free services of LAWS for counseling but we have no more available. I went from being unemployed ( stay home mom ) when separation started, to having a fulltime job ( starting September ) now part time, having my own rental place, paying for everything, as he is not paying the child support or alimony... I have done a miracle so to say in a year and a half... BUT.................................. I need tools, I need mental help to deal with him after court, after attorneys... I need guidance... can anyone help me??? Where can I go? He left us without health insurance... I got my kids insured but I still have no health insurance... so I need some sort of free service offered by any support group?




Dear “Help”,

   Thank you for the question and you asked a great one! I have some good and bad news for you. The bad news is that he will never stop.  The good news for you is that you have a highly arrogant narcissist on your hands.  What I am understanding from your message is that you have limited contact with your ex-husband?  If so, congratulations!  The key to dealing with a narcissist is to not react to their provoking.  There only goal is to illicit a reaction from you whether it is positive or negative.  When he is there writing those emails and picturing your response he is getting high.  If you actually do respond and acknowledge whatever he said to provoke you it would probably be the equivalent of what a heroin addict feels just after shooting up.  From what I’ve seen in the movies the high a drug addict feels after shooting up is greater than experiencing 20+ orgasms at the same time.  Do not feed his addiction.  Only give response that would involve your business with him and that is raising two girls.  If he sends a nasty email you can do one of two things A) root out the point (visitation, rescheduling, appointments) B) have someone you trust open your emails from him and have the trusted other root out the point.  Only respond to the point in a matter of fact tone only stating facts and clarifying facts.  No emotion and no reaction.  My best guess is that he only is trying to share custody with you to avoid paying child support.  Narcissists are great controllers, manipulators, and liars so don’t you ever forget that.  Their main goal is me, mine, and myself.  What you need to do in this situation is document the crazy.  Document the tactics he is using in his emails.  Print each email, get out a highlighter, and go to town highlighting every behavior you observe that you have learned about in these groups and on these pages.  Educate yourself on this abuse so you know what you are looking for.  Get a binder, get some clear binder inserts and start a case file.  Also, keep a journal.  You want to write in a daily journal time, date, what happened that day, did anything out of the ordinary happen (strange phone call from any agencies/businesses, strange mail, strange people),  If something or someone strange comes along document what happened (what did they say, do, have you seen them before, what were they wearing, what were they driving, license plate number, etc.), keep in your journal notes (I received an email today about____ and in the email I was threatened because ___).  You want to be your own personal advocate as far as this goes.  You want to be your very own private eye, call yourself “Friday”, and never forget you are building a case against this person.  Research your own state stalking/harassment laws, make police reports, in fact, become besties with your local PD so they know you in case something does happen.  Get your daughters into counseling.  I’m sure for the moment he might be treating them great because he has an agenda of making them hate you.  He is probably spoiling them and most likely bad mouthing you in the process.  Using your children as spies.  When this doesn’t work out he will discard the children as well so make sure you have “the change” well documented so it collaborates with all his nasty emails.  I know you want to shake like a leaf and run away.  You probably hide in your home a lot and peek out of your curtains at every little noise you hear.  Your heart probably jumps when the phone rings.  It’s time for you to get angry.  You do not deserve to be treated this way and how dare him to think that he can get away with this!  I am not saying become confrontational but become a solid rock; he can’t penetrate your being to the core.  He is a pesky fly on a hot summer night with no breeze that keeps trying to land on your sweaty face.  He is the mosquito buzzing in your ear all night but too small to find when you turn the light on.  He is the mildew that keeps growing in your basement bathroom.  He is the splinter in your finger that you can’t dig out.  He is the handle on a 24 pack of Coke that rips and makes all your cans hit the pavement and explode when you are walking from the grocery store to the car.  This is what you are dealing with and if I had all night to keep writing about things he could be equated to…. I would.  I’m sure you get the point, do not react.  As for help, joining support groups on Facebook geared toward narcissistic abuse is a great place to start.  Most of the groups I have joined have been amazing.  They are a great place to surround yourself with people who “get it”.  Just do a search through Facebook “Narcissistic abuse” “parental alienation” “High conflict spouse” “mental health advocate”.  I will send you some links to a few of the groups I participate in.  Most of them I joined over a year ago so I’ll send the ones I trust.  As for outside help, contact a local domestic abuse shelter or your county court house and ask where you can locate an advocate.  If you are struggling, go to your local DHS office and see if you qualify for any assistance/health insurance.  Also, contact local hospitals and see if they offer low income health clinics.  Use as many services as you need until you can get back on your feet again.  This is what they are for.  You can do this!  You are strong enough, you deserve to succeed, and one day you will look back on this horrible situation with gratitude because it has made you so strong.  Never forget, Document the crazy!  Prepare yourself to end up in court and never expect his help with anything financially.  Moreover, be careful who you share your problems with because a narcissist is a great manipulator and will use others as flying monkeys to come wreak havoc in your life.  You got this!


Narcissist Problems