January 23, 2017

Dear Narcissist Problems, "Narcissistic Social Worker"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

I love social media, thank you for your site. When I explain to others what I experience with a narcissistic social worker a masters narcissistic social worker (that should not have a license) people look at me like I am crazy. I would like more information for education helps me to understand the craziness.
Need resources on how to deal with a Narcissistic Social Worker!


"legally harassed"

Dear "harassed"

     I can only imagine what you are going through if you are dealing with a narcissistic social worker! As far as educational materials dealing specifically with a narcissistic social worker I'm coming up short handed. However! There is a lot of information on how to deal with an investigation, how to deal with false allegations, and how to deal with legal kidnapping.

     Unfortunately for us what we consider narcissistic abuse is actually common practice within the Department of human services. I'm sure that some good people with noble intentions originally set out to be social workers to save children but all of those good intentions fly out of the window when combined with state policies. 

   There is a conflict of interest happening within our civil court system and specifically within DCFS where false allegations are encouraged by narcissistic social workers and used against parents with little to no evidence as a means to legally kidnap children. I think we are all in agreement that throwing a child into the foster care system rather than working with the parents who may have issues is not only not in the best interest of the child but it's also not in the best interest of our species.

The late Senator Nancy Schaefer was an advocate for parents and families dealing with social services. She did a great job explaining what happens to families dealing with DCFS. 

There is a huge problem in our country in regards to the corruption and problems withing the DCFS system so outing one narcissistic social worker would be almost impossible because their tactics are widely accepted and used by the entire system to destroy children and families. 

I'm glad this page has helped but I highly suggest doing a search on Facebook for groups that deal directly with CPS and DCFS corruption.

Here are five things you can do if you are facing false allegations to DCFS:

  • Don't sign anything!
  • Hire a Lawyer!
  • Don't Give them access to any of your records!
  • Recind signatures!
  • Record and document all interactions!
     In the meantime, make sure that you record all interactions with this social worker. Inform them that you will be recording the conversation or face to face meeting if required to do so by law. 
Another option is to refuse any meetings without your lawyer. If they want to speak with you then ALWAYS speak with your lawyer. Stop them and say, I need to talk to my lawyer first. Then call your lawyer.

     I know attorneys are very expensive but this is one situation where you should sell your house, car, pawn your belongings, and do whatever you need to come up with the money to pay a lawyer because not having a lawyer could cost you your family. Don't sign anything without showing it to your lawyer first.

     If you have already signed something then send them a certified letter in the mail requiring a signature that states you are recinding, an email that you are recinding, AND a phone call. Then save the records of all three so they can' t later say they collected evidence before you recinded your signature.  When you recind make the letter quick and to the point "I did not understand what I was signing, I signed under duress, and I was told that if I didn't sign the document X Y and Z would happen to me or my children".

     Make it clear that you will no longer be signing anything without a lawyer first looking over the document. I'm not sure exactly what is going on in your case or with this social worker but I can only imagine that you are being threatened with your custody of your children. Make sure that you stand your ground, never admit to anything especially when you are innocent! A great way parents get duped by DCFS is signing an agreement to services. In the eyes of the government by you signing that agreement you are agreeing to being guilty of whatever they are accusing you of. DON'T SIGN ANYTHING, EVER!

     These people might act as though they are above the law but they are not. If you don't know your rights as a citizen of this country then you might as well not have any. They need probably cause, they need evidence so don't give it to them!
     Make them take you to court but you better be sure that you are not giving up evidence that might be used against you because it will be even if its something innocent it will be twisted into you being a monster. If you give them an inch they will take a mile. Stand your ground and know your rights. Specifically, know the 4th and 14th amendments and practice them!


Narcissist Problems


January 7, 2017

Dear Narcissist Problems, My sister was murdered by a narcissist

Dear Narcissist Problems,

      I don't know what to do....My sister died" suddenly" and I have requested her medical info and her narcissist husband will not allow me to have her records. He tormented me after her death by saying she liked to be locked in the closet. She was stuck in this relationship and I do think she was going to leave him. I cannot even access the 911 call. They said I could have it if I had my attorney request it then they denied the request. Police, Sheriff, fire dept. will not help. What do I do?
“Grieving Sister”

Dear “Grieving”,
            I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your sister and I can only imagine how hard you are grieving. A narcissist can destroy the lives of everyone they come into contact with.  Even if he did not kill your sister his tormenting you is extremely cruel and if it isn't narcissistic abuse then it could possibly be the provocation of a psychopath . Without more information it would be really hard to say exactly what you should do. Many things would depend upon getting any help legally. It would be useful for you to find out if her abuse was actually documented and the cause of death. When you say she died suddenly it is unclear if suddenly means of a natural event or if there were any questionable circumstances. You could begin by trying to see if her abuse was documented and to get any help with this you will need a lawyer. It will be hard to get the police to listen if there is little or no documentation. If there is documentation and the events were questionable I’m sure they are already investigating this.

     For the mean time, I have two suggestions for you to get through this awful situation you are going through. The first is to speak with the lawyer. It seems that you have done this as you say “they say I could have it then they denied the request”. If the request was denied then I would see if it is possible to submit an appeal to that decision. Again, only your attorney can help you with this. However, I also recommend getting a consult with multiple attorneys and choosing one that you are comfortable with. I would preferably find a lawyer that is familiar with narcissistic abuse and possibly seek the help of someone who is passionate about prosecuting for emotional abuse as well. 
     The first suggestion would be to talk to a lawyer.  The second suggestion I have is to seek support and counseling for your grieving. I would spend some time finding a therapist who specializes in narcissistic and emotional abuse to help you get through this nightmare and also help put things into perspective.  I searched around and seen that many are recommending this book about grief when dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one:

 This community found at Grief.com seems to be a great place to start to find support and resources.  This site also has the type of loss you are experiencing broken further down into support groups so you can connect and discuss with others who have gone through what you are experiencing.
You are grieving and most likely angry and feel powerless over your situation. I would try to connect with others in support groups geared toward abuse or surviving family members of people that have lost a loved one to abuse. I wish you luck on getting through this. Just remember to stop every once in a while and take care of yourself because this will consume your life as you search for answers and justice.


  Narcissist Problems