June 17, 2015

Dear Narcissist Problems "Questions"

Dear Narcissist Problems,
Question; what kind of man will abruptly leave his family with no explanation. Ignore them, give them the silent treatment. Blame you for everything. And appear to either be cheating, on drugs, or doing something sketchy. And when he comes back around and tries to work on things, will say that it was because he was at a breaking point and that's the only way he knew how to get his families (wife, kids) attention, and that's the only way he knew how to do it. And will apologize and say he's sorry, and he was stupid, etc. Especially if this is out of his character and it's something he's never done and you know /thought he would never do. What causes this, and why is his "truth" so complicated? I thought that lies were complicated, and the truth was supposed to be simple, no? Is this just further part of his manipulation, or is he really sorry and was just being prideful the whole time he was gone, or was he really doing something sketchy and is just not going to admit it or tell us what it was? I've searched passive aggressive behavior and this seeks to fit completely. He seems to withhold covert anger. Also, what kind of childhood causes this, I mean what do your parents have to do to you to make you this way? Or is it even his childhood or something else. I'm just confused and don't understand why someone would be completely fine and have a great life with his family for multiple years on end, then one day just break and vanish...and leave his family abandoned without basic necessities, then say that he thought we would at least have someone else to care for us, or he thought that was the best thing to do. Is this a narcissist?

Dear “Questions”,
      The short answer is yes that is exactly what a narcissist does. Either that or he has a really interesting hobby that he is embarrassed to tell you about; like sitting alone in the bathtub with a duck caller and live ducks who he has made family.  It is possible your husband wishes he was a duck and has adopted a family of ducks to provide a sense of belonging.  Don’t be surprised if this is something he tells you someday or he is a narcissist.  I'll leave it up to you to decide based on all the facts you know that I don't.  I could leave it at that but, of course, I won’t. So here is the long answer:  A narcissist will regularly disappear for days or weeks.  You will want to assume that the narcissist has a drug addiction but don’t be surprised if they have a whole other family!  Other humans, be it a wife or children, are merely supply or feeding grounds for this personality type.  The sooner you wise up and create some boundaries with this emotional vampire the better for you and the children.  Do you know who leaves just to get attention?  Children, and you might find that dealing with your husband is very similar to dealing with a toddler.  They feel ignored so they will make you feel ignored.  You take their candy then they will take yours.  You pushed him down so they will dig a hole and bury you in it.  Most of the time these slights are imagined and you simply are not adoring this savior as much as they would like.  So they discard you and find someone who will feed their waning ego and then return.  Literally, think of it as being married to a vampire.  Once they suck your blood dry and you are almost dead they will have to leave you alone to restock your blood supply.  In the meantime, they are still hungry so they go off to feed on blood elsewhere until that blood runs dry.  It’s an unending cycle of vampirism in the form of soul drainage instead of blood.  The only constant in meals, however, is probably you and your children.  If the only way he knew how to get his own families attention was to disappear ask him to seek therapy but whatever you do, don’t let this continue.  It is toxic, unhealthy, and the black mold of life.  It is not ok for you and it is not ok for your children.  You do not deserve this and your children do not deserve this.  They say that narcissism breeds in families and it sounds like his family is a nest of narcissists.  Honestly, have you met his family?  I grew up with a narcissist but it didn’t make me that way.  Guess what,  my narcissist was that way and blamed their parents…but their parents weren’t that way.  Narcissists love to play the role of victim especially if it gets them out of trouble!!  That is what they do.  Yes, the truth would be easier but the truth takes courage.  These people do not have courage and they enjoy their lies because their lies keep you confused and feeling sorry for them.  They enjoy hurting us.  It doesn’t matter if they were born this way or if they were raised this way the only thing that matters is that you understand that this behavior will never change.  Do not try to reason with him, do not ask for explanations, and do not beg.  Know this; if you do not create and enforce boundaries then he will trample all of your boundaries until you have none left.  Until your children have none left.  Hurting you is as stimulating as a crack addiction and he will always want more.  The thing to remember is that, with any drug, a person builds a tolerance and will always need a higher dose over time.  The pain he creates for your family will only increase with time as well.  The sooner you understand this the better.  Get away from him, tell him his behavior is unacceptable because it is, and document his behavior well because you will need it in court someday.  You have sympathy and are empathetic and he is counting on those qualities to get the best of you, so don’t let him.  Stay strong and good luck to you!
Narcissist Problems

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