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January 2, 2016

Dear Narcissist Problems, "Fake Profiles"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

So my narcissistic mother invented Facebook profiles and interacted with herself. She made up two fake cousins, a fake police officer, and a fake Julian Lennon. She had one of the cousin’s die of brain cancer. She was a member of Julian Lennon fan clubs, so she was friends online with other fans, so she was using that profile to make it appear to the other fans that Julian Lennon was a personal friend. Meanwhile she was emailing the real Julian Lennon that her husband had been killed in Iraq. (Not True.) I just thought you and others might find this interesting.


“Fake Profiles”

Dear “Fake Profiles”,

   I believe you.  I believe you because my own narcissist and many of the others who come along to visit these pages have experienced a similar phenomenon from their own narcissists.  Usually all we find out about are the fake profiles that were created to torment and harass us.  This type of behavior, however, is not out of the realm of what to expect when there is a narcissist in your life.  My own Narcissistic mother did pretty much the exact same thing!  Its sick, but I need you to know that A. I believe you and B. You are not alone in this bizarre discovery of yours!  Julian Lennon must be a narc magnet and I believe it’s because of the extreme tragedy of what he has gone through.  Narcissists are drawn to tragedy and drama like moths to a street light on a hot July night.  If they can collect some type of benefit from another’s tragedy even better in their eyes. Again, you are not alone with the Julian Lennon obsession from your narcissist!


Narcissist Problems