October 15, 2016

Dear Narcissist Problems, "The Finger Pointer"

Dear Narcissist Problems,

Funny how the posts on this site come from people who think that narcissists are abnormal, and that they're normal?


“The Finger Pointer”

Dear “Finger Pointer”,

            It was not my intention to give you the impression that I was normal simply by addressing Narcissistic Abuse and the tactics used by narcissistic abusers.  I’m glad you are so observant!  You are correct, I’m probably not normal anymore.  In fact, I lost my mind some time ago.   Thank you for pointing this out.  To clear things up for you in the past decade I’ve grown increasingly paranoid and at one point I was too scared to leave my own home.  I would sit in my house and jump up to take a look-see out the window whenever I heard a car door shut or people talking outside.  When I meet people who are really nice I evaluate them in my mind wondering what they are plotting.  I also keep my eyes peeled for any signs of gas lighting to the point that if I’m around someone I don’t trust I’ll set booby traps on my personal belongings so that I know if something has been moved!  I keep record of conversations in case I’m ever forced to remember some insignificant detail that should ever be questioned at a later date.  I also check to make sure all my windows are locked at least twice before I leave my home!  I lay in bed some nights unable to sleep as I ruminate every conversation I’ve had in my life trying to pin point what exactly is wrong with me.  I spend countless hours reading about emotional abuse and how to heal from it.  Moreover, I stopped using cell phones because ANY ring tone triggers anxiety and a general feeling of impending doom.  Most mornings, actually, I wake up with that feeling that the worst thing in the world will happen to me today.  After I get out of bed I tell myself that it will be a great day around 100 times while getting ready to leave the house.  If I see a strange car I write down the license plate.  I have nightmares every night.  Sometimes I drive in circles making random turns just to be sure I’m not being followed.  When I go to stores I might have a panic attack and spend 45 minutes in the bathroom convincing myself I can make it through the store, out to the parking lot, into my car, and then back home without anything bad happening to me.   Hmmmmmmm, I’m sure I missed some things but that’s just a run down.  I have flaws.  I have many flaws!!  So sorry I gave everyone the impression that I’m normal!  However, whether I am normal or abnormal it does not change the fact that Narcissists are abnormal.  “A” does not change the reality of “B” here, unfortunately.  I did not mean to give the impression that because narcissists are abnormal that makes me normal, I apologize for the confusion.


Narcissist Problems