February 3, 2017

10 things to expect if you beat a narcissist in court

There are many things to expect after you beat a narcissist in court and none of them are predictable or pretty

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Dear Narcissist Problems,

My narcissistic sister is trying to steal the inheritance.

 I have a lawyer and the will clearly indicates what is mine. I will win the case but don't know what her reaction would be..... she is in denial of reality and goes around telling other people that everything is hers.

What should I expect from her once i win in court?


Dear "Shanghaied",

   There are a few things that will probably happen after you beat a narcissist in court and none of them are predictable or pretty. If you want to win just make sure to always take steps to cover your butt because narcissists will quickly muddy the waters and take the focus of the purpose and distract everyone with utter chaos!  It sounds like you are definately dealing with a narcissist.  The high conflict parasites are well known by families around the globe for ruining any memories we have of loved ones that have passed by making those final days and later disputes over properties a total nightmare.  First, I would like to say I am very sorry for the passing of your parent(s). Second, Expect a whole lot of crazy once you win!

Best Way to win in court against a narcissist is to document the crazy!

The only way to win against a narcissist in court is to document the shit out of their crazy. They tell so many lies that they can't keep them straight so a drawn out court case will short circuit their brain. They don't have the mental stamina to keep up with their own crazy so use that to your advantage! Document, document, document! 

Keep a journal with times and dates and a brief description of your daily activities. If something out of the ordinary happens then document it and include any witness information or any agencies that were involved...like the police!  

Do NOT respond directly to any of their accusations or try to defend yourself. Save it for the court room. When they accuse you of something then go get the documentation prooving them wrong! Document Document Document!

Keep your cool! If you go around reacting to all the crazy then you will look crazy! Remain calm at all times as if your life depended on it. 

If you think dealing with your narcissistic sister is a living nightmare now you are in for a world of hurt. Hopefully, you take your inheritance and move to another planet because she will never stop trying to hunt you down. I'd also like to say Kudos for standing up for yourself and not just giving in to her demands and drama just to keep the peace.

Let me break this down for you on the things you can expect from your narcissistic sister after you win in court. I'll make a list for you and you can check them off as they eventually happen but hopefully you will be long gone by then.

Things a narcissist will do after you beat them in court:

1. Play the victim

Your narcissistic sister has surely involved your entire family by now and has painted you as an evil villain. After all, you deserved that anonymous smear campaign posted to the local craigslist explaining why everyone should hate AND avoid you. They will use pity to gain the sympathy of any unsuspecting future flying monkeys. 

They will tell people how mean you were growing up and how you were always the favorite and how you always got special treatment and extra gifts and how they "Deserve" more inheritance because they were so neglected and they had to put up with sooo sooo much just being a member of your family.

Keep in mind normal people will be very suspicious of anyone speaking about the death of their parents in such a self serving way. Instead of focusing on the loss of loved ones they only focus on what they will be getting out of the "deal". This would send a chill down any sane persons spine and they will avoid that person. 

With this in mind, your sister will be recruiting the high drama and high conflict to asist her in her crazy. If you notice people enjoying this family fued by always being around when a conflict happens or suddenly appearing as a sympathetic ear immediatley stop contact with these people because they will only be escalating this situation. 

2. You will be ostracized from the rest of your family

It is probably too late to share your side of the story so what the rest of your family knows is this: your narcissistic sister is being attacked by you in court. You are one cold blooded dude taking little narc sis to court! Never mind that she probably tried to forge your name out of the will and just take everything in the first place. In her eyes you don't deserve anything and this is war.

Hopefully your family sees your sister for the high conflict emotional vampire that she is. I know narcissistic women love to turn on that little girl voice and feign the innocent victim especially with family but count on the fact that she has probably screwed other family members over in the past so it might only shed light on her needing a psych eval more than anything.

3. Your neighbors will stop speaking to you

As you go about your daily routines you notice that your neighbors don't say good morning anymore. Hell, they can't even look you in the eye! You are pretty sure that one of them seen you and then ran the other way before you could wave hello. When this happens remind yourself that you just beat your narcissistic sister in court.

Get a head start on this smear campaign if you can and just let your neighbors know what is going on and ask them to keep an eye out on your property. There are more families with crazy members than you can imagine so don't be embarassed by this. Your neighbors might be more understanding and helpful than you expected! They also might need to be called into court later if your sister decides to come destroy your property or she starts stalking you. 

4. Your friends start acting weird

You've been going to bowling with your league like clockwork for at least 5 years. However, this year is different. Your group of buddies decided to call it a quit. Everyone is just too busy. You get a little sad and sentimental but you get over it and decide to take yourself out bowling.
Lo and behold! When you get to the bowling alley there is your league! Bowling! With your narcissistic sister!! It doesn't need to be bowling the whole point is that if you love things then your narcissistic sister is now hell bent on making you pay for what you did so she will destroy everything you love! 

5. Your car tires are slashed

After your sudden rejection from everyone in your life at this point the slash tires could have been anyone. Your narcissistic sister has been busy bad mouthing you to the whole town and most of them believe her! Everyone who didn't grab a pitch fork and torch to come hunt you down, they just came for the show.
Your tires could have been slashed by your narcissistic sister or by one of her flying monkeys. Which brings us to #6

6. You learned the phrase "flying monkeys"

This is an essential term to know ESPECIALLY if you just beat a narcissist in the court room. You found out that people who you assumed were well meaning by asking you how you were doing and you poured your guts out to because you thought they really cared. Yeah, well, they didn't. They were just coming to get the dirt on you and take it back to your narcissistic sister. Your sister wants to know that you are suffering and there are people willing to help her accomplish that goal. Those people are flying monkeys.

7. You get fired from your job

Your narcissistic sister called your boss because she has been REALLY worried about your life style. All the drugs, alcohol, gambling, stealing from family, and prostitution you are doing is scary for her. She is just your sister and she loves you so so much! Since your boss sees you everyday she was hoping that he would talk some sense into you about all of your bad habits. She also wants to be sure your HIV test came back negative as you disclosed to her that you were out sharing dirty needles while shooting up.

8. Your doctor starts acting weird

You go to the doctor and keep getting strange looks and a general awkwardness when you doctor used to be pretty cool. Narcissistic sister called your doctor too. She told him everything she told your boss but added in your growing mental instability, irrational explosions of rage, and paranoia.

9. Your social security number was used to open up credit card accounts.

The credit cards were maxed out. You have to deal with cleaning this mess up. 

10. You get audited by the IRS

Your narcissistic sister called the IRS to inform them you were earning money and not paying taxes. 

This is the short list of things that will happen to you after you beat your narcissistic sister in court. While this list might seem scary or intimidating don't let her antics force you to back down. Narcissists have zero respect for boundaries of any sort so this is something that you NEED to do. Nobody wants to take their own family to court but narcissists don't give us that choice because their behavior forces us to take action against them. When or if you think about giving up just remember that if you do her behavior will only get worse as she feels the sense of power and control over you. Continue to document her actions, behaviors, and any odd incidents that happen because you might need this to take her to court for stalking, harassment, or other criminal acts. Good luck to you!


Narcissist Problems