About the Author:

Narcissist Problems is an online support system for victims of abuse that was created and authored by K.M. De Mexi in 2014. K.M. De Mexi, through the Narcissist Problems blog, has been giving advice to 2 million readers every week in over 52 countries on topics ranging from abusive relationships, bullying, healing after abuse, as well as locating resources for those in need. 

The Author is passionate about spreading awareness of emotional and psychological abuse while advocating for victims in the civil court system, as well as raising funds for those affected by narcissistic abuse, and generating online campaigns to help those trying to escape their abusers. Narcissist Problems currently has a viewer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars among their fans and readers.

Over the years I have collected a few hundred books that have helped me get through the narcissistic nightmare. I've also put a couple little books together with some advice for other survivors. I'll be changing this list and adding to it occasionally but for the most part these are the essential readings and the author profile if you want to check my books out! Really anything that can be found in my books is also on the blog or in numerous conversations I've had in the group forums!

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