Monday, March 6, 2017

Financial Abuse and Exploitation Solutions as a Result of Narcissistic Abuse

Financial Abuse and Exploitation Solutions as a Result of Narcissistic Abuse

Get help repairing your credit today by filing the necessary papers to agencies to remove items from your credit report that are due to identity theft and other financial abuse tactics used by the narcissist Get the Help you need today by calling
877-345-6965 and getting a free consultation with an expert

Financial exploitation doesn't only happen to the elderly. It happens in many situations including between spouses, parent and child, or even between friends. Narcissists regualarly financially abuse and exploit victims of all ages leaving them with bad credit and in debt.

Financial abuse is a common tactic used by abusers to gain power and control in a relationship. The forms of financial abuse may be subtle or overt but in in general, include tactics to limit the partner's access to assets or conceal information and accessibility to the family finances. 
Ways Narcissists exploit their victims financially include but are not limited to:
  • Making financial decisions without your knowledge
  • Overusing credit cards and not paying bills
  • Forcing you to file fraudulent tax returns or doing so without your knowledge
  • Reporting you to government agencies for “fraud” when none has been committed in order to get your benefits cut
  • Forcing you to put all property or anything of value only in their name.
Many victims of narcissistic abuse are blind sided by all the damage that has been done to them financially. Some vicitms can dig their way out of debt for years to follow.

We might be able to help you repair some of that damage by:
  • filing the correct paper work to agencies alerting them of fraud
  • help you recover from identity theft
  • help you find solutions to the legal costs that have left you in debt
  • stop creditor harassment
  • work out solutions with creditors to repair your credit

If you are busy clawing your way out of the hell your narcissist left you in financially just know that you are not alone! You can start repairing your credit today by getting a free consulation and action plan with a credit repair expert by calling.

This offer is currently available to United States residents going through financial hardships due to being exploited by a narcissistic abuser. 
If you have bad credit because of the debt the narcissist has left you in then this is a great option to help those dealing with identity theft, divorce, and the legal fee's associated with being abused via the court systems.

Get the Help you need today!


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